Repairs, finishing, services etc.

Sonnemo Guitars does servicing, setup, repairs, and finishing etc. 
Below is a price list of services that we commonly perform.
If for some reason you should not find what you require in the list below, please send us and email for a price qoute.
You can ship your guitar/neck etc to us using Bussgods. Simple, affordable and safe!

Prices: incl VAT

Relicing body 2000SEK (Light, Medium or Heavy relic)

Relicing neck 1500-2000SEK  (Light, Medium or Heavy relic)

Relicing hard ware 800SEK

(If you are looking for a complete relic of your instrument, please contact us for a possible package deal)

Finishing (Nitrocellulose)
Re-finishing of a solid body without binding, 4500-5500SEK 

Re-finishing of a solid body with binding, 5500-6500SEK

Re-finishing semi-acoustic guitar,ex. Gibson-335. Starting at 5000SEK

(The re-finishing process entails stripping of existing lacquer and paint, grain filling and other preparations. We can also include relicing in these prices. Contact us for additional info.)

Re-finishing of a neck with oiled fret board (ex. rosewood), 1500SEK.

Re-finishing of a neck including fret board (ex. maple), 2500SEK.

Sealing of a heads stock water decal, 500SEK
(Contact us for possible package deals on finishes.)

Other services 
Refretting of guitars and basses, starting at 2500SEK 
(Prices vary depending on fretboard wood, bindings, re-finishing etc.)

Refretting of single frets /price on request

Fret leveling and micro polishing, 1500SEK

Neck and fret board cleaning + fret polishing, 350SEK

Troubleshooting fee, 250SEK

Re-stringing of 6-string guitar, 125SEK (same for 4to6-string bass)
Re-stringing of 7-string electric guitar, 150SEK
Re-stringing of 12-string guitar, 200SEK
Re-stringing of "floyd rose" equipped guitar, 250SEK

(Cost of strings not included)

Bridge intonation, 250-350SEK

Complete setup electric guitar/bass, 700SEK
(Includes: string change (not including cost of strings), bridge intonation, truss rod adjustment , top nut optimization, adjustment of action/string height).

re-slotting of nut, (according to desired string gauge) 250SEK

Replacement, manufacturing of new top nut, (incl. assembly and material), starting at 450SEK

Replacement passive pickups, 1 pc.350SEK, 2pc.450SEK, 3pc.550SEK (strat, SSS, HSS, HSH)  
(cost of pickups and other material not included)

Replacement active pickups, 400SEK/pc.
(cost of pickups and other material not included)

Replacement input jack, 150SEK 
(cost of  input jack not included)

Replacement pot, 150SEK/pc. 
(cost of  pot not included)

Replacement pickup switch, 300SEK
(cost of  switch not included)

Height adjustment of pickups, 100SEK

Replacement of tuning machine heads, 350-500SEK

(cost of  machine heads not included)

Replacement of individual machine heads, 100SEK/pc.

Other/non specified services, without fixed/pre-agreed prices, 600kr/h (incl.VAT)

Feel free to write us a message below if you have any questions about our services and/our prices!