Here we have a great demo of our Sonnemo Vintage Twangster Modell, the guitar in the video are loaded with the Sonnemo Nashville pickup set,  very versitale pickups that works for a broad range of music styles.

Erik Holmbom showcase his Sonnemo Vintage Twangster loaded with the Sonnemo Nashville pickup set.

In this video Stefan Johnsson shows us how the Sonnemo Vintage 60s pickups sound in bridge and middle position matched with our Sonnemo 50s+ in neck position.
The video are recorded in Gurastudios in Mariestad

Here is a demo video with our Vintage ST model in the spot light. This particular guitar is loaded with the Sonnemo Landau bucker in bridge and Sonnemo 50s+ in neck and middle position

Demo of the new Sonnemo customshop "Humsingel" humbucker pickup

Martin Miller playing a sonnemo customshop tele..Amazing Playing!!

Richard Lainegard demoes his Sonnemo Telecaster

Tom Quayle jamming with jack gardiner. Tom playing a Sonnemo Customshop Tele.

Im playing my own Sonnemo CS guitar that is inpired by Michael Landau's guitar. 

The Sonnemo customshop strat in this video is loaded with the Sonnemo Customshop "RockBucker" in the bridgepossition and Sonnemo SRV (Version 1) pickups in the neck and middle possition.

Calle stålenbring (left) playing his Sonnemo Strat, Solo duel starts 03:50..

Sonnemo Customshop strat with "59 pafbucker" in bridge and two 50's singelcoils

In this video you can hear how our Sonnemo SRV pickups (neck and middle position) work in higher gain settings. the bridge pickup is a slightly overwound version of the SRV bridge pickup. Played by the maestro Jimmy H.